Did You Know You Can Automate Your Workday Testing? – Webinar Recording
Listen to our webinar recording to learn about Smart and automating your Workday Testing.
Did You Know You Can Automate Your Workday Testing? – Webinar Slidedeck
Download our webinar slidedeck to learn how Kainos Smart can automate your Workday testing.
Magellan Health Talks About Testing Workday Updates
Magellan Health Talks About Testing Workday Updates Watch this excerpt from our January webinar recording as Magellan Health’s Manager of...
Boosting Test Quality & Easing Effort
Join our free webinar on 13th June to find out how you can dramatically cut the time, money and effort your team spends on testing your Workday tenants.
Enterprise SaaS & Hidden Risks: What Every Director Should Know
When companies assign ownership of enterprise SaaS systems to functional business units instead of IT teams, they gain flexibility and control but they also raise their risk exposure. What are these hazards? And how can the chief executives and directors responsible for these areas manage these risks to ensure the company’s security, daily functioning, and legal responsibilities aren’t adversely affected?
Inside Stories: The Incredible Shrinking Test Team
Check out this firsthand account of how Magellan Health slashed the time and effort spent on manually testing their Workday configuration by 80%.
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Calendar sensitive due dates: a welcome Business Process enhancement in Workday 27
As all Workday customers know, there are now two major updates every year. Each update brings some long-overdue enhancements and...
Time & Attendance Point Keeping
The subject of this blog post was previously presented to the Workday Time Tracking ecosystem as part of the biweekly...
Best Practice Guide
Workday Testing Best Practice: Defining and Implementing Your Workday Test Strategy
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