Our cloud-based automated testing tool, Kainos Smart, is one of a kind. It is the only product that has been built exclusively for testing Workday. It is designed to make automated Workday testing easy for all users regardless of technical or testing background. With Kainos Smart you can quickly create repeatable tests covering Workday business processes, security configuration and integrations. Using Smart, our clients are saving thousands of man hours on testing and gaining much greater assurance on the correctness of their Workday deployment.


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Using Smart HCM test automation, you can save time on test effort on all the key areas across Workday HCM. This includes testing business processes related to Hire, Compensation, Benefits, Absence and Time Tracking.



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With Smart Financials, you can focus testing on the highest risk areas in Workday Financials, such as Journal Entry, Customer and Supplier Chain, Custom Validation rules and Account Posting rules testing.




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With Smart Security, you can test your Workday Security configuration to ensure Workers have the required access to data and actions. Crucially it also checks data and actions that they shouldn’t have access to.




Why automate your testing?

Netflix uses Kainos Smart to automate Workday testing. In our latest video, hear from Sudha, HRIS Test Engineer at Netflix on the functionality of Smart HCM and Smart Security. You’ll also find out more about their Workday deployment, and the multiple benefits the Netflix HR team have seen through using Smart automation.



What our customers say


One of the biggest benefits of Smart has been testing speed and automation. For example, following an upgrade to Workday 26, IRC used Smart to run an automated test involving all test packs across 14 countries which took around five hours. Without Smart the same test would have taken a minimum of 288 hours with six staff, working eight hours non-stop for six days – an improvement of 98%.