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Get the best from your system over its lifetime

Your business doesn’t stand still. Neither does your Workday configuration. From major new features to system tidy-ups, you can count on us to deliver the changes you need for the life of your system.

Why choose Kainos Workday Practice?

We know our way around Workday blindfolded

Having rolled out dozens of Workday deployments worldwide, we’re intimately familiar with everything under the hood.

By your side, worldwide

With offices around the world, our team is never far away—enabling us to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your staff like an extension of your team.

Workday trusts us

That’s why we’re a certified Workday Services Partner. Our staff undergo extensive training on its products, tools and methods so we can deliver fast, efficient service to customers like you.


We pride ourselves on implementing innovative solutions for our clients, from our automated testing product Smart to using the Workday technology from Workday Extend, Prism and Workday Adaptive Planning.


Workday Tenant Review Service

Reach your full Workday potential by reviewing the health of your tenant.

How We Help You Post-Deployment

Our advisory, planning, and technical expertise keep your Workday system running smoothly for current and future users.

Expansion to new territories

Your current configuration and functionality works great, but now you need to roll it out to offices in other regions. Regional requirements are one of our specialities.

Adding new functionality

Adoption of the latest feature releases. Launching new Workday modules. New integrations because of a vendor change. We’ve got you covered.

Tenant health checks

Your tenants constantly evolve, so it’s wise to take stock periodically to assess if workflows and performance are still optimal. We’ll carry out a deep-dive analysis, identify issues, and remedy any problems we find.

Mergers, acquisitions & divestments

Organisational structures and BP configurations often require major rework after large-scale operational changes like these. New integrations, data conversion from inherited legacy systems, and regional requirements need to be in steady, experienced hands.

Advisory services

If you prefer to handle the work yourself, our experts can set you off on the right foot and help you stay on track with useful frameworks, scoping assistance, best practice advice and more.


As a Workday Extend (Workday Cloud Platform) partner, we can help you build custom apps, digitise manual processes, plug domain gaps or streamline existing Workday functionality to better suit your business needs.