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Deployment Testing

Top 10 Tips – Building a Workday Testing Strategy

  1. Identify who will be doing the testing as early as possible – this will make a big difference to your planning from day one.
  2. Test in alignment with your goals – all clients have their own success criteria.
  3. Prioritise testing – what to test, and how much time to spend on it.
  4. Include the test manager in general workshops during the architect stage – it will give them a much better idea about what they need to test and the scope of it.
  5. Keep the communication appropriate to specific audiences – project teams glaze over at detailed test updates with lots of figures. .
  6. Reach out to the ecosystem to hear about testing experiences and be forewarned about any ‘gotchas’.
  7. Get key dates in diaries as early as possible – even knowing that you’re going to be involved in testing well in advance will change the perception of everyone involved.
  8. Understand what level of documentation is going to be available throughout the project – will there be reference materials available or is the knowledge of the test team going to play a part?
  9. Agree the roles in testing as early as possible – e.g. will there be a single test manager, or will this be a team effort?
  10. Research and evaluate test automation products like Kainos Smart in order to achieve adequate test coverage and risk mitigation within your implementation timeline.

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