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Workday Rising

4 Unmissable Testing, WCP & Deployment Talks at Workday Rising Orlando

Hear expert advice on future deployments, security testing, test automation, and Workday Cloud Platform from our Kainos team at Rising Orlando. Register now for these four stage talks featuring our Workday experts and customers.

Shields Up, Mr. Sulu! How to Manage Risk and Protect Your Data with Security Testing

How important is security testing your Workday system and when do you need to be testing this area of your configuration? Join this session to find out as Kainos’ VP of Workday Testing explains it all. Get practical, best-practices advice on how to carry out testing—including exactly what types of checks are required, how to test individual workers, security roles and security groups, and where test automation can accelerate your testing, decrease risk, and increase your data protection.

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Power Up! How to Supercharge Workday Capabilities with Workday Cloud Platform Apps

Hear from Kainos about being one of the first customers to leverage the power of Workday Cloud Platform. Join this session to see the product’s capabilities to deliver internal efficiencies and encourage greater internal adoption of Workday. Hear about apps Kainos has built to make employee policy documents more accessible and improve financial compliance, and see demos of its rewards and recognition app as well as its credit card applications app.

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The Fast Track to Long-Term Workday Success

Join Kainos’ Workday solutions architect for a look at what companies can do to make the most of Workday—both during deployment and after go-live—and how to avoid common speed bumps during your long-distance journey. Discover the essentials for early-, mid-, and mature-stage success, and learn how to use them to ensure you can coast after go-live and keep your Workday engine running smoothly to scale with your organization.

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Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo! A Cinderella Story of Workday Testing Transformation

Hear how Cardinal Health closed testing gaps, boosted confidence, and took control of tenant changes through the magic of test automation. Learn about its first unsuccessful attempt at automation as well as how finding the perfect fit solved its test data issues, security concerns, and increased coverage for all releases. See spellbinding metrics, get a look inside the Kainos Smart testing tool, and be able to ask your Workday testing questions to the panel of experts.

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